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Engaging diaspora and migrant COMMunities in the protection of the rIghTs of the child (COMMIT) is a transnational project involving organizations from four European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France), aiming at stimulating the engagement of migrant communities and diasporas in Europe in the promotion and protection of the Rights of the Child. It strives to do so through mobilizing community leaders, families and children to create a safe community environment of child development and wellbeing.  Diasporas are mostly framed as key actors to build partnership and foster the development of countries of origins, but scarce attention is given to their role in the promotion of children's rights. 

The project is articulated in three main lines of action: 

  • To strengthen the skills and knowledge on the Rights of the Child of members of diaspora organisations, migrant associations, operators and in-service professionals;  
  • To engage migrant communities by building capacities and raising awareness on children’s rights and child protection; 
  • To further promote the role of migrant communities in the protection and promotion of the Rights of the Child in other European Union countries. 

Funding Reference 

The COMMIT project (Ref. N°101008487) is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union. 

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