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Talk to us for the sport of swimming you are dreaming!

Swimming is a part of your life and for this reason “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA), the Cyprus Swimming Federation and the Council FONI, we all cooperate to help you make it better. 

Through group activities addressed exclusively to you, we want to create the sport you are dreaming of! Apply for the focus groups and give us your opinion about the current conditions and how you would like them to be. 

The groups will take place in the district you live with children of your age. Each group duration will be 3 hours and will take place in 2 different meetings. All the measures against coronavirus will be applied and we will offer you a light meal and drinks.  

Psychologists and social workers from “Hope For Children” will be there for you to listen to your opinions, experiences and ideas. Whatever you will share will be staying between you and the members of your group. The information you will share with the group will be protected with confidentiality and will be used anonymously and only for the purposes of the program. 

Your participation is very valuable because only if we listen to you, we will learn what we need to do in order to improve the conditions where you exercise! 

Book your place by filling out the application form below until the 12th of September 2021. 

We will be happy to have you in our focus groups for a sport that is formed by your ideas. 

Thank you! 

*A consent from your parents or guardian is needed for your participation.

Note: The personal data are collected by the organizers of the program. These personal data are kept in HFC archive following all protection measures provided the Regulation ΕΕ 2016/679 for the duration up to the completion of the program.   

The child participates with his/her own will and can interrupt the participation whenever he or she wishes without any consequences. The parent or child may ask to access, correct, delete the data of the child any time by calling 22 103234 or by sending email at melissari.k@uncrcpc.org

For more information regarding the above program, please contact “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center at 22 103234.

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