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Protocol of Cooperation signed between a Cypriot and a US Organization aiming to handle violence towards children

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and National Children’s Advocacy Center in USA, are officially joining forces for the protection of all children through the announcement of the singing of a Protocol of Cooperation. The collaboration aims to the exchange of know-how and of good practices as well as to the implementation of common actions within the frame of prevention, intervention and rehabilitation in cases of violence towards children. 

During his visit to Cyprus, Mr. Chris Newlin, the Executive Director of National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) located in Alabama USA, met with the Director-General of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and established collaboration between the two organizations through the signing of the Protocol of Cooperation. The collaboration of the two organizations begun in 2017 when during the establishment of the Children’s House and the assignment of its operation to Hope For Children by the Social Welfare Services, professionals of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, of Mental Health Services and representatives of the Cyprus Police visited NCAC in Alabama and received specialized training in conducting forensic interviews to children who are victims of sexual violence.

NCAC was founded in 1985 introducing an innovating approach to the handling of child sexual abuse cases. The NCAC model of handling cases of child abuse and of the support towards children victims of violence, is considered to be a model and their methods are adapted by several Organizations which work in the area of violence against children. 

Through the occasion of the signing of this Protocol of Cooperation, the Director-General of HFC, Mr. Joseph Borghese, expressed his appreciation and his warm thanks to Mr. Newlin and to the Organization that he represents, for their cooperation and support. Mr. Borghese referred to his satisfaction knowing that through this collaboration, the services of Hope For Children offered to children who face violence will be strengthened.

Within the framework of this collaboration targeted training are going to be scheduled on issues related, among others, with inter-departmental and multidisciplinary case management, therapeutic approaches and methods of interviewing children.

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