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Olga Themeli

Senior Advisory Board Member

Olga Themeli studied at the School of Law at the Αristotle University of Thessaloniki and Psychology at The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Finally, she received her MS and Ph.D. degrees in Criminology from the Athens School of Law and worked as a researcher in the Clinical Psychology sector at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Defense for Children International – ΝL NGO.

Since 2002 she is a Criminology and Criminal Psychology Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Crete. Today she is a Deputy Professor of Criminal Psychology. Ms. Themeli has participated in many national and international research programs, she served as member of important law-making committees, while in 2016-2019 period, she was the President of the Board of “KESATHEA” (The Central Scientific Council for Treating Victimization and Juvenile Delinquency).

Although her main scientific interests are mainly focused on issues related to the "suffering of confinement" and prisoners as a vulnerable group of people, after five years of experience as a Special Scientist in the Greek Ombudsman, she has been researching on children as a vulnerable social group.