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Evi Stavrou

Social Worker

Evi Stavrou works as a Social Worker at the “Homes for Hope” the shelters for unaccompanied children.Evi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  She is a registered Social Worker in the Cyprus Association of Social Workers.  Evi’s experience lies in various settings of social work with years of experience.

Her professional development came from her practical work at the Multipurpose Center in Nicosia and the State’s Institution for children under the Social Welfare Services; where she worked with children (aged 7-13) in developing social and emotional skills through workshops of non-formal education.  The objectives of the workshops included socializing and developing skills for integration through creative team-play.

She also worked at the Summer Special School of Nicosia as a caregiver and has gained experience in developmental disorders such as; autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, mental disabilities and microcephaly.  Additionally, she has expanded her skills through her work at various Municipalities in Summer Schools in which she was responsible for classes of 25 children (aged 6-8).  The interventions included experiential creative with recycled items to raise awareness of environmental sustainability, roles plays and activities to build team work among children.  Furthermore, she collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Culture, as a School Associate where she was responsible for a 6 year-old with emotional and learning difficulties.