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International Day of Non-Violence, a day reflected in the actions of Hope For Children

The International Day of Non-Violence has been celebrated on October 2 since 2007 and is inextricably linked to the vision and mission of the “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, and the foundations of its establishment and operation. Through the United Nations General Assembly, the message of non-violence is being disseminated, among others, through education and public awareness. At the same time, its UN resolution reaffirms "the global importance of the principle of non-violence" and the desire to "ensure a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence".

The UN recognizes a philosophical relationship between the principles of human rights in the Universal Declaration and those used by Mahatma Gandhi through his struggle and his decisive contribution to humanity, on the occasion of his birthday, October 2.

More specifically, the principle of non-violence, also known as non-violent resistance, rejects the use of physical violence to achieve social and / or political change. Many groups around the world use this method in social justice campaigns. However, this day is not limited to political and social violence but to all possible forms of its manifestation, whether it is widely manifested in the social context or even in the family context.

Hope for Children, with active action in the defense of the rights of the child, deals with policy making and the creation of a healthier and more favorable social-family environment for children. In this context, the "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center maintains the status of Observer of the Lazarote Commission of the Council of Europe, remains a Partner of the Council of Europe in the "ONE in FIVE" campaign and is the National Point for the European Juvenile Justice Observatory (European Juvenile Justice Observatory).

Within the rich activity of the Organization includes the participation in the European Federation of Missing Children in Europe (Missing Children Europe), in the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) as well as the participation in the European Network PROMISE Barnahus Network for which it is a founding member.

Strengthening its action opposed to violence against children, in 2017 Hope For Children and the National Children’s Advocacy Center of the USA, signed a cooperation protocol aimed at handling violence against children. This cooperation aims at the exchange of know-how and good practices, as well as the implementation of joint actions in the context of prevention, intervention and rehabilitation in cases of violence against children.

Simultaneously, the Organization provides psychological, social and legal support services, free of charge, to children who have been abused, and operates Helplines where children and families can turn for counseling and guidance.

Lastly, focusing on the implementation of European Programs for research, professional training and policy-making on children's human rights, the Organization implements Programs such as:

  • BASE: to provide child friendly support services for women and children with refugee and / or immigrant backgrounds, in cases of sexual and gender-based violence.
  • Attract+: It is an international collaboration where, through new technologies for training professionals in trafficking, it aims to promote, develop and strengthen the skills of professionals in
  • identifying, supporting and protecting the victims of such acts.
  • KEEP ME SAFE: aimed at supporting the development of young people by peers to address sexual abuse
  • PROMISE: to create and promote the Barnahus (Children's House) model by providing the necessary services under the same roof in the management of cases of sexual abuse and exploitation of children

As stated by the founder and General Manager of the Organization Mr. Joseph Borghese, "Our work for 12 years now, is to create a child-centered system in which every child can find the security, protection, support and guidance they need, after becoming a victim of any form of violence."

On this occasion, Hope For Children condemns all forms of violence against children and is committed to continuing to provide support and rehabilitation services to all children in need. For more information about the Organization’s programs and activities, you can contact us by calling 1466 or through the Organization’s  24/7 online platform at www.uncrcpc.org.cy.

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