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International Day of Families: Recognizing the importance of the institution of family

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center” honors the International Day of Families which was established in 1993 by the UN General Assembly and is celebrated annually on May 15th. The importance of family is reflected as the nucleus of civilization and it’s institution consists of the biological and nuclear family. The institution of family highlights the human need for reproduction, mental, intellectual and emotional integration. The most important element is to provide each child with the family warmth and care the child needs.

Family can take many forms, yet its role is always the same. For a child a family can be his biological or adoptive parents, even his foster parents. The role of the parent can be taken over by the mother or the father, the grandparents and even two partners who raise one or more children together. Therefore, it is also important for the family to be protected from society, especially at this critical conjuncture, with the pandemic causing crisis in family dynamics. Thus, the purpose of this celebration is to highlight the importance of the family institution through the changes and crises of modern society, which the family is called to face without losing its identity and role.

 “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center implements humanitarian programs with the purpose to provide families with multifaceted support, empower them and prevent any kind of violence, which is aimed through the provision of free social, psychological and legal services from specialized staff, as well as through the implementation of informative and educational activities for parents and careers.

Within the context of supporting families and ensuring the right of all children to grow up in a family, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is implementing the Foster Families programme, in cooperation with the Social Welfare Services (SWS), the responsible state department for foster care.

Foster care is defined as a form of an alternative family care for children and adolescents who are, temporarily, removed from their biological family, which ensures their well-being and respects their needs, while ensuring a healthy, stable and safe daily life for children in need. At the same time, it aims to support and empower foster families to be able to take care of children placed in their family, until they return to their biological family.

We are here for any family that needs support. Call Hope For Children 1466 Help Line and the professionals of the Organization are available for 24-hour assistance providing support and guidance.

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