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International Day of Education – Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center honors the International Day of Education, which is celebrated every year on January 24th. The United Nations General Assembly declared this day to promote the role of education in relation to peace and development. The fourth International Day of Education is marked today, under the theme "Changing Course, Transforming Education".

Recent developments have shown that the planet has experienced various kinds of upheavals, leaving people with a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty about the present and the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people's daily lives to a great extent in different areas. One of the areas having a great impact is education, as the peak of the pandemic showed that 1.6 billion students were affected by school shutdowns around the world (UNESCO, 2021).  

The pandemic has brought us face to face with the gaps and shortcomings of the education system in Cyprus, while at the same time, the pandemic has brought to the forefront the need and opportunity for changes in the way education courses are implemented and delivered. More specifically, the need to integrate and utilize technology not only to make education accessible to children and adolescents but also to develop teaching tools is evident. These tools will aim to provide multifaceted and diverse education, and awareness for each child, and will be achieved through innovative methods based on an inclusionary approach.   In order to make this possible, the recognition, the support and the provision of lifelong education to educators who will support and promote these innovative practices, is essential.

“Hope For Children” provides interactive workshops and non-formal education programs for children, parents, and teachers. Some of the objectives of these programs are to promote the development of life skills, to raise awareness about vulnerable groups of children (e.g. children experiencing abuse and exploitation) and to empower children by teaching them their own rights. At the same time, we conduct targeted interventions to formulate policies that promote education and lifelong learning.

For more information regarding the educational programs of Hope For Children, you can visit the website www.uncrcpc.org.cy or call at 22 103234.

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