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Hope For Children – NotFoundDay: Make better use of your 404-error page and help find missing children

Every year, on September 25, the World NotFoundDay Day is celebrated. In the European Union every year 250,000 thousand missing children are reported, which means 1 child every 2 minutes. On this day, we encourage the owners of websites to help find missing children by downloading the application NotFound to their website, the software that turns 404 error sites into children’ posters with information of their disappearance. 

NotFound app is an easy and free way to make a difference in the lives of missing children, giving hope to their families. With NotFound application, website owners can publish the photo and details of each child, in cases where the message '404 Error' is displayed. 

It works globally and users can only see the details of the children provided by Missing Children Europe members and partners who use the software in the nearest area. In this way, this information can reach users around the world who may be able to help on finding missing children. Finally, the application increases the ranking of Google searches and improves the user experience online. 

The 11600 European Hotline for Missing Children operates in Cyprus on 24/7 basis by "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center in collaboration with the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO), aiming to prevent and handle cases of missing children, provide access to support services for relatives of missing children, as well as liaize with authorities and NGOs at a national and transnational level. 

Within the frame of the HFC-SPAVO consortium, the Child Alert mechanism has been established to facilitate the cooperation of stakeholders under a unified system, which strengthens the efforts of the Police to locate missing children.  

Want to get involved and help find children across Europe?  

Simply apply NotFound software to your website by turning error web pages into something useful, as this purpose. It's free and only takes only a few minutes to work. If you do not have a website yourself but know someone who has one, ask and invite them to download the app. 

Join us today on September 25th and spread NotFound message to other contacts to ensure you are involved in finding missing children across Europe. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NotFoundDay and mention us on social media: 

Twitter: @infouncrc  @notfoundorg @notfoundorg @MissingChildEU 

FB: Hopeforchildren.crcpolicycenter MissingChildrenEurope 

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is a member of Missing Children Europe. For more information, you can contact the European Missing Children Hotline 116000 or the Hope For Children Helpline 1466. 

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