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Hope For Children joining forces with the International Organization for Migration in Cyprus

"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center joined forces with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) by signing a Cooperation Agreement. The Agreement proves the full support of both parties in strengthening the national integrated child protection mechanism with the aim of ensuring that children and young people regardless of their status, have their rights respected and protected from any act of violence.

The same Agreement highlighted also the close collaboration of the Hope For Children and IOM for the INTEGRA network and Platform for Cooperation that will connect Leaving Care Mentors with post-care stakeholders and will offer various opportunities for development to young care leavers on their way to an autonomous life.

The European project, INTEGRA: “Multidisciplinary Mentorship program to support the entrepreneurship of children in care and young care-leavers” (REC-RCHI-PROF-AG-2017-785703) supports the entrepreneurship of youth in residential care enhancing their social, cultural and economic integration into the local community. INTEGRA is coordinated by Hope For Children on a European level with four partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

You may find more information on the INTEGRA project by visiting the Hope For Children website at https://www.uncrcpc.org.cy/en/project/integra-multidisciplinary-mentorship-program-to-support-the-entrepreneurship-of-children-in-care-and-young-care-leavers/ and the website dedicated to the INTEGRA project https://integra.uncrcpc.org/.

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