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“Hope For Children” establishes important partnerships for the support of children during their transition to adulthood

The signing ceremony of the INTEGRA Protocols of cooperation between “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and stakeholders was held on October 23 at the Olympic Hall. The stakeholders who attended the ceremony were the Center for Social Innovation, CARDET, SISTEMA Cyprus, Leroy Merlin, Cyprus Organization for Sustainable Education & Active Learning (SEAL), Cyprus Sport Organization, Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (CYCO), Junior Achievement Cyprus, Education & Information Technology Centre (EDITC) and Home For Cooperation.

The INTEGRA Program reflects the need for support and guidance to children in care in order to become independent adults. The project addresses children coming from residential care systems and young care leaver, as they should not be deprived of the opportunity for development.

The project INTEGRA which is co-funded by the European Commission (Ref. REC-AG-2017 / REC-RCHI-PROF-AG-2017-785703), aims to create a platform, a united community that will support children in long-term care before they reach adulthood or during their transition to adulthood.

This platform operates as a network that will provide children an opportunity for development across 9 pillars. These pillar are Εducation, Community participation and interpersonal relationships, Ηealth, communication and cultural awareness, Career and employment, Financial and money management skills, Self-determination autonomy skills and teenage development, Bureaucracy, legislation and networking and Housing, that will support them to their holistic social and cultural integration.

The Director of the Humanitarian Division of the Organization Ms. Andria Neocleous, mentioned that "The important challenge of the project is not the actual signing of the Protocols of Cooperation but the implementation of these protocols by providing opportunities for young people to meet their needs", giving emphasis on the importance of the contribution of the stakeholders.

Hope for Children would like to thank the representatives of all stakeholders, as well as the Social Welfare Services and the Commissioner for Administration and Human Rights, whose representatives were also present, for supporting this program.

For more information on the INTEGRA project and on how you can contribute please contact the Research and Development Division's team of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center at 22103234 or through the 24/7 online presence at www.uncrcpc.org.cy.

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