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“Hope For Children“ CRC Policy Center launching the INTEGRA Platform 4 Cooperation

The launch of the Platform for Cooperation “P4C” from “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center was held within the framework of the European Program “INTEGRA: Multidisciplinary Mentorship Program to support the entrepreneurship of children in care and young care-leavers” (REC-RCHI-PROF-AG-2017-785703). The presentation event of the Platform 4 Cooperation towards the Program’s Stakeholders took place on the 21st of February at Olympic Hall, in Nicosia.

The stakeholders who signed the protocol for cooperation and committed to contribute to the program’s success are Leroy Merlin Cyprus, Cyprus Sport Organization KOA, Youth Board of Cyprus, Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation, IOM Cyprus, NGO Support Centre Cyprus, MMC Mediterranean Management Center Ltd, CSI Center for Social Innovation, CARDET, Sistema Cyprus, SEAL CYPRUS, Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization, Junior Achievement Cyprus, EDITC Education and Information Technology Centre, Home For Cooperation, Citizens In Power and Visual Voices.

The aim of P4C is to create a network which brings together professional caregivers with post-care stakeholders, forming in this way an additional support system for both children in care and young-care leavers on the difficult path to social and cultural integration. As an interactive online service, P4C is ready to connect care professionals acting as mentors with various post-care stakeholders as employers, trainers, educators, legal counsellors, advisors etc. Through this tool, stakeholders can publish training, apprenticeships and job opportunities as well as other services useful for children leaving care systems.

During this important event and presentation, the post-care stakeholders had the opportunity to view and experience the operation of the P4C, while subsequently prepare their collaboration offers for the Platform. Stakeholders also discussed ideas and practices in order to make this tool even more user friendly and important to all children participating.

On behalf of Hope For Children the Director of the Research and Development Division of the Organization Dr. Sofia Leitao mentioned that "Today’s event is an extraordinary example of the INTEGRA stakeholders’ commitment to the welfare of children leaving care systems”. Furthermore, she thanked stakeholders for their participation as well as their contribution to the project. Stakeholders mentioned that they were pleased to be a part in this fruitful and valuable cooperation which aims to provide children leaving care systems the opportunity to socially integrate.

The INTEGRA project is coordinated by “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center (CY) along with the partners - Mediterranean Management Center (CY), CESIE (IT), The Smile of the Child (GR), CEPS Projectes Socials (Spain) and APCdP – Division M (Portugal) and has been co-financed with the support of the European Commission’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program. INTEGRA’s vision is to equip residential care professionals to successfully support the social, cultural and professional integration of minors leaving care-systems.

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