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“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center endorsing and supporting the NotFoundDay

On 25 September, we celebrate the second edition of #NotFoundDay. In the EU, 250,000 children are reported missing every year, a child every 2 minutes. On #NotFoundDay, Missing Children Europe encourages website owners and companies to help find missing children by simply downloading NotFound application to their websites.

What is NotFound? NotFound it’s a way to make a difference in the lives of missing children and to give hope to their families. With NotFound, website owners can display the picture and details of missing children on the ‘404 Error - Not Found’ pages of their websites. Up until today, NotFound has been already downloaded by over 5,700 websites. In 2019, Missing Children Europe is pleased to announce that more than 100 million posters of missing children have been displayed at a rate of more than 42 000 photos per day. Thanks to huge support of website owners and companies more and more children have a possibility to be found.

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center in collaboration with the Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence (SPABO), operates in Cyprus the European Harmonized Line 116000, whose purpose is to prevent and manage the disappearance of children, to provide access to support services for relatives of missing children as well as coordination with authorities and NGOs at national and transnational level. The Consortium has also signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Ministry of Justice and Public Order on the operation of the helpline. The Line is available 24 hours a day.

In addition to this, Hope For Children HFC has established the Child Alert mechanism in Cyprus in cooperation with SPAVO which enables all relevant stakeholders to cooperate and work under a unified system. This system aims to enhance the efforts of the police to trace missing children and combat this phenomenon.

Since last year, both the website and the application have been visually and technically improved. Currently NotFound serves in Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Cyprus displaying over 800 posters of missing children. Thanks to the technical improvements, expanding the application to other countries is now faster and more efficient. Applying the NotFound.org app to websites is an easy and free way of making a difference, simultaneously saving time and manpower of the police conducting investigations of missing children.

A child is reported missing every 2 minutes in Europe. Thanks to @NotFoundorg useless 404-error pages are converted into posters of missing children.

For more information in regards to the European Harmonized Line 116000 and the Child Alert mechanism of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, please contact us at 22103234 and at 116000.

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