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“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and UCLan Cyprus are officially announcing their collaboration

"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center officially announces their collaboration with UCLan Cyprus, by the signing of Protocol of Cooperation. The cooperation aims to form a workframe between Hope For Children and UCLan Cyprus in the areas of Education, Research and Applied Experience. Furthermore, the partnership focuses on the dissemination of specialized know-how as for the two Institutions to be able to reinforce their positions and actions regarding the positive and innovative changes that could be achieved for the promotion and the protection of children’s rights.

During a short ceremony that took place at the premises of UCLan Cyprus, the Director-General of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, Mr. Joseph Borghese and the Psychology Department Coordinator, Ms. Dialechti Chatzoudi, represented the Organization and signed the Protocol of Cooperation. On behalf of UCLan Cyprus, the Dean, Professor Panikkos Poutziouris, Professor Irene Polykarpou, Dean of the School of Academic Science, Dr. Lillian Psaltas and Dr. Vasiliki Christodoulou represented the institution.

Mr. Joseph Borghese said that through this collaboration, he hopes and wishes that strong bonds will be developed with the University on the base of Hope For Children programmes and divisions, as the Research & Development and Humanitarian Divisions. Mr. Borghese also referred to actions of Hope for Children which is constantly growing and developing and today counts 63 full time staff members.

During the short ceremony, the Dean of the University, Professor Panikkos Poutziouris, expressed his appreciation and his excitement for this collaboration which looks forward to the empowerment of the current collaboration and the establishment of further common actions and initiatives.

Moreover, through this collaboration the importance of research, students practicum and voluntarism was pointed out together with other joint actions that add more to the experience of a student as well as to the multilevel humanitarian work implemented by Hope For Children.

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