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Hope For Children and Trading Point of Financial Instruments, are cooperating for the 1466 Helpline, for all children in Cyprus

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center announces the establishment of cooperation with Trading Point of Financial Instruments (xm.com) aiming at the perpetual support of the humanitarian programs of the Organization, as well as the implementation of joint actions within the frame of the protection of children’s rights. The beginning of the cooperation is marked with the technological upgrade of the telephone system behind the 1466 Helpline of Hope For Children.

The 1466 Helpline was launched on March 2020 on the occasion of the first lockdown in Cyprus due to the Covid-19 spread, and empirically has been and still is an effective way of communication with children and parents providing support services and guidance during the critical period we are going through. The telephone system receives and manages calls from all over Cyprus, thus responding to hundreds of calls for help on child protection issues.

Through this important financial contribution from Trading Point of Financial Instruments, Hope For Children will upgrade the telephone system in order to strengthen the services provided through the helpline and to respond to the increased needs arising.

On the occasion of the cooperation, the Director-General of HFC, Mr. Joseph Borghese, expressed his warm thanks to the management of Trading Point of Financial Instruments and the Group represented, for the collaboration and the support. Mr. Borghese didn’t omit to refer to the satisfaction and joy he feels knowing that through this cooperation, the services provided by the 1466 Helpline will be strengthened so that the specialized staff of the Organization is constantly by the side of the children in need.

On behalf of Trading Point of Financial Instruments, the CEO, Mr. Tasos Anastasiou, stressed out the need for actions of social contribution coming from the corporate community, especially when these respond to the needs of children. Mr. Anastasiou added that this cooperation arises from the emerging needs of the differentiated reality we experience today. The upgrade of the 1466 Helpline is the beginning of a log-term collaboration and targeted actions strengthening the programs and services of Hope For Children towards children in Cyprus.

For more information on the programs of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, you may call at 22103234 or contact us through the online platform www.uncrcpc.org.cy.

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