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Foster care means acceptance, support and hope!

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center celebrates the 31st of May that marks the World Foster Day, in an attempt to underline the importance of the institution in the Cypriot society.

World Foster Day demonstrates the provision of family care to all children as of highest importance. According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC, 1989), any child deprived of its family environment has the right to protection and assistance provided by the State, which ensures an alternative care for this child that can take the form of placement in a family.

Foster care is defined as a form of alternative family care for children and adolescents who are, temporarily, removed from their biological family after court’s order. According to National Law, the Director of Social Welfare Services undertakes legal guardianship for these children and decides their placement in a more appropriate environment.

The alternative family care that the institution promotes ensures the well-being of children and respects their needs while ensuring a healthy, stable and safe everyday life for children. Therefore, the role of the foster parent is to provide a safe and stable family environment filled with care and love as well as opportunities that will assist the child to develop to its full potential.

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, in cooperation with the Social Welfare Services is implementing the Foster Care programme funded by the Social Welfare Services of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance. The programme runs all over Cyprus and aims to offer to all children, under the legal guardianship of the Director of Social Welfare Services, the best possible protection and care and therefore acts for the best interest of the child. “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center organizes public awareness activities to promote this institution. In cases where families express their interest in participating in the programme, the process of assessing their suitability begins by professionals of the Organization. They also provide training to candidates on various important issues that will empower them and prepare them to cope with their role.

The specialized staff of the Organization continues to support families throughout the process with individual meetings in order to assess their needs and provides continuous training on issues related to foster care.

For more information regarding the Foster Care Programme, please contact us at 22 103234 (24-hour response).

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