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Establishment of cooperation between Hope For Children and the National Betting Authority

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and the National Betting Authority create a safety net for children and adolescents. The two parties have launched today their cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation. The aim of the cooperation is to develop common multifaceted actions for the promotion and the defense of children and adolescents’ rights regarding their protection from gambling activity, as well as their education in order to prevent any problematic gambling activity in the future.  

The collaboration between “Hope For Children” and the National Betting Authority includes important and innovative actions addressed to children and adolescents with the aim of preventing and handling the pathological gambling. Through the actions and programs that will be implemented, emphasis is given on the acquisition of skills in terms of claiming and exercising the basic rights of children to protect themselves from all forms of addiction, maintaining a good standard of living, and participating in decision-making concerning themselves. For the implementation of educational activities in schools, there has been given an approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.  

Speaking within the frame of a joint press conference, the Director-General of “Hope For Children”, Mr. Joseph Borghese, stated that "the formalization of our cooperation with the National Betting Authority is a milestone in the course of partnerships and relationships established by Hope For Children. An independent administrative authority governed by values ​​such as Commitment, Compliance, Respect, Integrity and Reliability, with responsibilities towards citizens, comes to support our work and efforts to transfer knowledge and educate children to be able to claim their rights. We can only warmly thank NBA for accepting this cooperation". 

Ms. Andria Neocleous, Director of the Humanitarian Division of “Hope For Children”, highlighted that “It is very important for us to find companions and supporters for our multifaceted vision related with the promotion and protection of children’s rights. Our collaboration with NBA, comes to reinforce our actions and to enrich their content. Our goal is to implement experiential workshops regarding the abuse of lucky games, awareness actions towards children and parents/carers, and offer help to every child in need, through the professionals of Hope for Children.” 

From her side, the President of the National Betting Authority, Ms. Ioanna Fiakkou, underlined that “The actions and the strategic collaborations of NBA, respond to the vision of the organization regarding the society, the enhancement of children’s and young people’s skills, with the aim of preventing pathological behaviours and the increase of the protective factors. Our collaboration with Hope For Children is one of those strategic collaborations, which aims to promote children’s rights and the prevention of the pathological engagement with lucky games. We would like to stress out that participation in betting and gambling is prohibited for persons under 18 years old. We are convinced that we are going to reach our goals and that we will successfully implement prevention programs for children and young people, which will contribute positively to the society.” 

The representatives of HFC and NBA, agreed on the need of the implementation of more programs related to prevention, treatment and education of children in a broader scale, as well as on the importance of children’s access on various help resources on a 24/7 basis. 

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