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Educational and entertaining excursion for the children of ‘’Homes For Hope’’

On behalf of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, we would like to warmly thank the Youth Board of Cyprus, which through the program «Youth Initiatives» funded an entertaining and educating excursion for unaccompanied children who reside at the Children’s shelters ‘’Homes for Hope’.

The children had the opportunity to visit one of the most important archaeological sites of our country, the archaeological site of Kourion, and experience pleasant moments. During the excursion, the children had also the opportunity to visit the harbour of Limassol and lastly Governor’s beach where they enjoyed their lunch in one of the areas’ restaurant.

Discovering the history and culture of the host country, through such educational excursions, and in parallel with access to the educational system as well as specialised rehabilitation services, facilitates the children’s social inclusion, all of which are principles on which the function of the children's shelters "Home for Hope" is based.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to our work!

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