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Bullying: The importance for prevention measures and managing the phenomenon of bullying

On the occasion of a bullying incident that recently came to light, where a minor was forced by other minors who attend the same school as him, to enter the trunk of a car, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center wants to emphasize that it condemns the phenomenon of bullying, in any form, whether that is physical, psychological, verbal or cyber. On the occasion of this episode, it is important to highlight the importance of the prevention, recognition and proper handling of such incidents. Additionally, it is significant to emphasize the importance of the involvement of society in general.

More specifically, the specific phenomenon, should be dealt with in a collective manner, as it illuminates a variety of problems, such as racism, gender inequality, hate speech and other subjects. An inclusive optics and dialogue, from different specialized members and parents, is significant, in order for heterogeneity to be respected and accepted. The creation of a society that raises children with safety, empathy, taking responsibility, fair treatment, with acceptance and respect towards diversity, is the basis for the prevention and elimination of this phenomenon in any context.

It is worth noting that the organization "Hope For Children" offers various types of services for the prevention and management of school bullying, which are based on the above values and parameters. More specifically, “Hope For Children” has established a series of preventative educational programs and experiential workshops, about school bullying, that addresses all Cypriot students. In this context, children are trained from specialized staff, as for the children to act as ambassadors for specific subjects, and as supporters to their peers who might face bullying. We teach children the responsibility we all have towards the rest of our fellow human beings and especially the victims, and how to intervene in order to break abusive patterns reproduced in our environment, whether it is our school, home or neighborhood.

“Hope For Children” offers free counselling, psychological, legal and social services to children and parents, who amongst other issues, deal with bullying. Additionally, “Hope For Children” offers counseling lines such as the “Helpline” 1466 which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which also provides free psychological, social, and legal support and advice on issues related to child protection.

For any further information for the actions of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center you can call at 22103234 or visit the website www.uncrcpc.org.cy

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