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Who We Are

The “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is an International Humanitarian and Independent Institution based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our institution is established on standards and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and European Union Law.

It works on humanitarian and development policy relevant to the defense and promotion of children’s rights. It does so through research, grassroots program design and implementation and advisory services offered to governments and international organizations.

The operation of the organization is founded on the principle of promoting and protecting the rights of children. We aim to do this through the implementation of a variety of projects on a National, European and Global level.

What We Do

Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center works together with national, regional and an international advocacy institutions working to reform child welfare systems on behalf of children who depend on them for protection and care. We aim to bring together judges, lawyers, psychologists, medical practitioners, mediators, counselors, mental health workers, media representatives, child cares, teachers & allied professionals to contribute their specialized expertise in a practical manner through education, legal and other advocacy to promote and protect the interests of the most vulnerable amongst us, our children and youth.

Our Vision

The vision of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is to contribute to the protection and promotion of rights of the child and to support the active participation of youth in society.

Our Mission

"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center aims to advocate and to protect children’s rights based on the standards and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and European Union Law


Children are reported missing every year in the EU, 1 child every 2 minutes


of children in the EU are at risk of poverty

one in five

children in Europe are victims of some form of sexual abuse

International and European Cooperation

The Humanitarian Organization has initiated and established close cooperation with institutions and actors on an international and European level, including legislative, executive and judicial instruments, and it is a member of significant networks to further promote the rights of the child on a global scale.

"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center is a member of the following:

  • Observatory status at the Council of Europe’s Lanzrote Committee
  • Participatory status at the Council of Europe’s Conference of International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs)
  • Cooperating partner of the Council of Europe for the ONE in FIVE Campaign
  • Coordinator for the Observatory for the Return of Unaccompanied Children
  • National focal point for the Separated Children in Europe Programme
  • Focal point for the European Network of Guardian Institutions
  • National Focal Point for the European Juvenile Justice Observatory
  • Member of the European Federation Missing Children Europe
  • Member of the European Network of Child Friendly Cities
  • Member of the Destination Unknown Campaign
  • Participant in the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP)
  • Founding member of PROMISE Barnahus Network
  • Member of the Anna Lindh Network
  • Member of the INTEGRA Network
  • Founder and Coordinator of the Network CHAIRS of the CRC