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12th Anniversary of the Establishment of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center

On the occasion of the 12th Anniversary of the establishment of "Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, we wish to share with you the message of the Director-General, Mr. Joseph Borghese, and present through the following electronic anniversary publication https://issuu.com/hopeforchildrencrc/docs/hfc_timeline_final the milestones of the Organization and the most important achievements from 2008 until today.

"Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center has been standing up for the Rights of the Child since 2008. The journey of our team is one of commitment to protect, support, promote children’s rights, walking hand in hand with children so that they too become ambassadors for their rights.

 It is our dream. It is our responsibility. 

 It is our firm belief that every child has the right to happiness, the right to grow in a safe, caring, nourishing environment; the right to realise the full potential of childhood.  Our journey is often one of struggles and we are grateful to every single person that has held hands and walked together with us.

We thank everyone who shares our passion, and believes in the significance of our work – individuals, governments, private companies, national and international institutions.

We are grateful for your support and we are confident that we will continue our journey together, with greater achievements and successes.  We owed it to all children, our most valuable resource, our future". Joseph Borghese, Director - General

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